Veneers are special ceramic shells used in cosmetic dentistry to repair the look of damaged teeth and bring you back your smile. Veneers are extremely thin (0,5 – 0,7 mm) and they’re placed on the front surface of teeth using a special type of dental cement. They’re designed to correct tooth malformations, reduce the space between teeth, repair damaged and cracked teeth as well as improve tooth color. The best veneers you can find on the market are ceramic. They achieve the best results and act as natural human teeth, perfectly imitating form and color.

Teeth whitening

Dental enamel can absorb food and beverage colorings which, over a long period of time result in darker tooth color and loss of shine. Nowadays, there are a couple innovative teeth whitening techniques in the cosmetic dentistry department. Causes of teeth discoloration are smoking, ageing, dark beverages (tea, coffee, red wine), long-term exposure to fluoride, use of tetracycline (commonly used in prescription drugs), root canal treatment. Over the last few years, more and more patients undergo implant placement and teeth whitening procedures. While cosmetic dentistry has become an extremely important branch of dentistry, it also results in healthier teeth.

What is ‘teeth whitening’?

Teeth whitening is a popular and affordable procedure of removing stains from the tooth’s surface. The stains are a natural result of our daily food and beverage consumption.