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Dental fillings

Fillings are the most commonly used dental technique for filling the area of the tooth that is decayed from cavity, cracked or anyway broken. They repair the structure and the morphology of the damaged tooth and can also be used to repair teeth that have been worn down from misuse (such as nail biting or tooth grinding). Valdent Dental Clinic uses high-standard composite materials which have proven extremely powerful in order to prolong the expiration date for a minimum of 10 additional years.


Endodoncy or root canal treatment is a minor surgical procedure involving the pulp tissue removal. Root canal treatment is required by patients with pulp damage as a reason of dental cavity, when bacterial infection enters the tooth’s pulp. The aim is to remove the infected tissue, clean, fill and seal the root canals and the pulp chamber. The tooth is then reconstructed with a composite filling or a crown. The procedure is completely painless and it’s done under local anaesthesia. Dr. Gino Tafra prefers and, therefore, advises using this method in order to avoid, or at least postpone, the only possible alternative – tooth extraction.

Oral hygiene

Adequate oral hygiene is the best way to maintain the health of our teeth. Even so, it is not enough. Bacteria and mucus form on our teeth in the form of plaque which regular tooth brushes can’t reach. Therefore, it’s extremely important to schedule regular appointments to your dental office and keep your teeth completely clean. Our highly-trained doctors have a long-term expertise in tooth cleaning which prevents dental pathologies such as periodontitis and gum infection which can potentially lead to more severe diseases. Tooth cleaning is of the utmost importance after implant placement procedures.

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