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Tooth extraction is a procedure involving the removal of the tooth from its bony socket. It’s usually performed when no other option is available or possible to perform. During implant placement procedure in patients with periodontal defects and bone deficiency, Valdent Dental Clinic uses the PRGF Endoret technology post tooth extraction to encourage bone and soft tissue healing. This method requires a small amount of blood which is drawn right before the procedure itself. The blood is then centrifuged in order to get your own blood protein concentrate. Using your own blood cells speeds up the healing process, reduces infection and avoids allergic reactions & possible blood clotting.

When is the tooth extraction inevitable?

High level of periodontal damage – Dangling teeth with a great loss of supporting structural tissues lose their functionality to uphold chewing force

High level of crown damage – Even though a completely destroyed crown can easily be replaced, crown fractures that reach deep underneath the gingiva are not suitable for reconstruction. Therefore, it’s necessary to extract the remaining part of the tooth

Left-out roots– Roots left after a cavity decayed tooth completely destroyed the tooth’s natural crown

Unsecure teeth prognosis –Before creating a prosthetic replacement, a thorough analysis of the remaining teeth must be made. An ‘unsecure analysis result’ show teeth that could cause difficulties in the next couple of years and therefore, bring into question the success of the prosthetic replacement itself.

Teeth with a vertical root fracture – This defect is an endodontic treatment side-effect and it usually occurs in deformed root canals

Post tooth extraction instructions:

-Don’t touch the wound and avoid chewing with the treated side of the mouth for 24 hours.

-Avoid smoking for at least 12 hours – the smoke can irritate the wound and cause bleeding.
-Avoid brushing the treated area for 24 hours and then start brushing softly and carefully

-Avoid rinsing for 24 hours – you could rinse out the formed blood clot which is crucial for healing
-Small bleeding can occur and it’s perfectly normal. Keep a sterile cloth clenched for 20 min in between your teeth. In the unlikely case of heavier bleeding, contact our office. (Home remedy – place a wet bag of tea leaves or sage leaves on the treated area – tea contains tannin which naturally stops the bleeding.

-A lowlevel of pain is a normal occurrence. Feel free to use one of the drugs your doctor prescribes you and take as directed. –The use of Aspirin and similar drugs is strictly prohibited for they cause bleeding. If the pain persists or gets worse, contact us on +385(1)4677073 or mobile phone +385 (91) 1278402

-To stop the swelling, place a bag of ice wrapped in a towel or a different cloth on the front part of your cheek (do not place directly on the skin!) in 20 minute intervals (20 min on, 10 off). Eat normally but avoid too hot or spicy food. Taking plenty of water is highly recommended

-If you notice ANYTHING out of the ordinary, contact us immediately on +385 (1) 46 77 073 or +385 (91) 1278402

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