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Botox treatments

Botox is a naturally purified protein manufactured with the help of Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It’s being successfully used in medicine for over 10 years.

Its initial scope was ophthalmology, neurology, paediatrics and lately, cosmetic industry.

Aesthetic features

Careful and precisely dosed application of Botox weakens or paralyzes specific muscle groups involved in the face mimic which results in smoothing facial wrinkles. The application itself is painless and the effects can be seen 72 hours post injection – a younger and fresh looking face. Middle – aged persons can get a 5-8 years younger look which looks completely natural.

Wrinkle smoothing

  • Smoothing of horizontal wrinkles
  • Smoothing of vertical wrinkles of the forehead(the frowning brown)
  • Smoothing of small wrinkles around the eyes (Crow’s feet)

New successfully treated areas with Botox

  • Smoothing of mouth frown lines
  • Smoothing of lip wrinkles and chin creases
  • Smoothing of neck wrinkles
  • Combining other cosmetic procedures

How long can the effect of Botox last and can it be reapplied?

The effects last for about 4-6 months and it can be reapplied numerous times in certain time intervals without any health indications. Repeated process makes the aesthetic effect longer-lasting.

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