Pediatric dentistry

When is the best time for a First Visit to the dentist?

Don’t wait too long for a first dental appointment with your children. In the beginning, detailed examinations and any kind of intervention are usually unnecessary and the appointments serve as “getting to know” your doctor and becoming familiar with the office staff. The more your children become accustomed to these visits, the more comfortable they get, and therefore, we can do more to prevent any disease, cavity and tooth decay.

The greatest reason for children’s fear of dentists is fear of experiencing pain. In our clinic, we use HEALOZONE technology which allows completely painless dental examinations and procedures. There is no uncomfortable drilling sound, no pain and 100% nothing to be afraid of. Due to this innovation, children’s attitude towards dental appointments has completely changed worldwide.

Painless HealOzone treatment

Ozone treatment is a 30- second completely painless and simple procedure during which the tooth is directly exposed to ozone using a dental probe.