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Dental services pricelist

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Valdent- payment options

First visit

Service Price Discount
First visit, treatment planning, consultation GRATIS
Scale removal and teeth sandblasting 50,00 EUR
Teeth whitening (both arches) 300,00 EUR
HealOzone treatment 60,00 EUR


Service Price Discount
Composite filling 50 EUR

Endodontic treatment

Service Price Discount
Root canal treatment 50,00 EUR

Dental prosthetics

Service Price Discount
Metal ceramic crown 250,00 EUR
Zyrconium oxyde crown 350,00 EUR
Metal acrylic crown 100,00 EUR
Individual root abutment- metal 60 EUR
Individual root abutment – zyrconium 150,00 EUR
Temporary crown 20,00 EUR

Dental prosthetics

Service Price Discount
Full acrylic dentures 700,00 EUR
Partial dentures – Wirron 900,00 EUR


Service Price Discount
Mini implant 300,00 EUR
Titanium implant 500,00 - 650,00 EUR
Zyrconium implant 700,00 EUR

Oral surgery

Service Price Discount
Tooth extraction 30,00 EUR
Tooth extraction – complicated 50,00 EUR
Alveolectomy 800,00 EUR
Apocoectomy 200,00 EUR
Sinus lift 800,00 EUR
PRGF Endoret 250,00 EUR

Valdent maintains the right to change the prices.

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